ONUT v.1 manifesto

Our art is based on human emotions as we are humans. Let’s express the ordinary. Human emotions are universal and timeless

Our art is universal and open with an invite to reflection and dialogue. It celebrates diversity of opinions. There are many realities, always evolving with different interpretations

Our art brings back production over consumption. Let’s challenge lethargy

Our art is feed by history and the future on an ongoing basis. We will create the future using present tools and techniques. We celebrate our past to welcome our future

Our art ponders on our legacy and what will remain behind us. Let’s leave a stamp behind

Our art is political and we cannot understand it without the context we live in

Our art seeks constant evolution and push to reinvent us with every piece.

Our art reflects on how we could make this world better

For all these things:

  • We will not follow trends, and only our instincts
  • We will be open and share our thinking with anyone keen to know us
  • We will create and produce as many pieces as possible
  • We will consume art and reflect on it on an ongoing basis
  • We will often revisit legacy as a theme
  • We will advocate for equal opportunities. Giving access to art and education no matter the background
  • We will experiment with every piece produced a new material or technology. For us technology is an enabler, code is a material as it could be clay or oil paint, for us a way to achieve what we stand for
  • We will use our art to enable a better world

For all these, today we create ONUT v.1 manifesto (London 11/08/2018)